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Specialty Programs

Please read below to learn more about our specialty programs designed to give children numerous other ways to     learn and have fun.


Our Spanish programs are taught by our teachers that speak fluent Spanish and have been teaching with us for over 5 years, they prepare lessons and work with the children, below are some examples of what they learn:

  • Math / Numbers with quantities up to 100
  • Reading, phonetic reading, building words and sentences
  • Sounds, Letters, Letterbox, Phonetic Words, Flash Cards, Reading Books


Our music teacher has been with us for over 10 and has over 20 years of musical experience teaching cello, violin and piano. She currently teaches in both locations individual and group lessons in:

  • Rhythm and beat counting
  • Musical notes and scales
  • How to read music
  • Keyboard techniques
  • Piano lessons (additional fee may apply)


Our Arts program teaches children the basics of art such as:​

  • Painting, Collage, Drawing, Printing, Molding, etc.
  • Basics of Principal and Design
  • Color Theory


Our computer program teaches children the basic fundamentals to computers and electronic devices and how to use them, they will learn the following and more:

  • Teach basic knowledge of computers
  • How to use the mouse
  • What the icons mean
  • What is the Internet and how to be safe (Always ask parents before using computer)
  • Software programs to teach keyboarding, math, reading and much more


Our science program will teach children what science is all about. With many experiments and hands on teaching the children will learn all about the wonders of science. Some of the following science experiments will be done in class:

  • Why does ice melt?
  • Solid and Liquid forms
  • Planets
  • Time Line – explain the timeline of earth
  • Volcanoes


Our sports program that we do during the summer will teach the children the fundamental sports training in the following sports, we work with the children and teach them how to work as a team and how to take the time to practice. Sometimes we will bring  in instructors to assist us to teach some of the following sports:

Soccer          Hockey          Baseball          Football          Basketball          Cricket


We offer a gymnastics program during the summer, we bring in an instructor from a local gymnastics place to teach the basic fundamentals. This helps the children learn balance and coordination.


Dance is taught daily in our Burnsville location and once a week in our Apple Valley location. This teaches the children to be more coordinated and helps them improve their focus and concentration.


Once a week our Zumba Dance Instructor comes to Burnsville and Apple Valley and does a high energy 45 minute Zumba class with the children, this teaches them balance, rhythmic moves and teaches them that exercise can be fun.


Our Yoga program is offered during the winter months, we have an instructor come in and teach the beginning steps of yoga and meditation. this helps the children to focus and improves tier concentration.

Martial Arts

Our Martial Arts program is offered in the spring, we have an instructor come in and teach the children the basics of Martial Arts.

Call Us Now at 952-736-1004 or via our Contact Form