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The Onsongo family gave us this note of appreciation for everything we did for Gabe.

The Roseman family gave us this note of appreciation for everything we did for Max and Sam

The McKee family gave us this note of appreciation for everything we did for Chase and Levi.

“Enrolling our daughter into American Montessori was one of the best decisions we made in her education thus far. She attended for 3 years and we were very impressed with the wealth of knowledge she able to absorb in that period of time. Thank you American Montessori for you level of commitment to education! We highly recommend you to everyone we know.”  – Teri & Jay F – Former Parents

This was given by the Boudreau family in appreciation of everything American Montessori did for their daughter Caroline.

Dear Miss Sandy and the entire American Montessori Staff:

​After being faced with the fact that our daughter was having some behavioral issues at the in-home daycare that she had attended since six weeks of age, we decided that a change was necessary. After researching many options in the Apple Valley and Rosemount areas, we decided to enroll our four year old daughter in the Apple Valley location of American Montessori. We were stunned at the results in just one week’s time.

​American Montessori provided the daily structure and advanced academics that our daughter needed in order to remain well behaved. In addition to the structured learning environment, we as parents were grateful for the sensible mix of play and discipline.

​Our daughter’s transition to all-day Kindergarten was seamless due to attending American Montessori for nearly two years. We will forever be appreciative to the staff and curriculum at American Montessori!

​With Great Gratitude,

The Larson Family

To Whom It May Concern:

​Our daughter has attended American Montessori in Burnsville for 2 1/2 years since the age of 3 years old. We cannot say enough good things about the teachers and staff at this school. She has grown into a respectful, fun loving and smart little girl during her years at American Montessori. The teachers at this school know doubt had a great impact on her learning, development and success. We are sad to see her leave this school but know she is prepared to enter Elementary School as a first grade student. We have great appreciation for the staff and teachers for their hard work and dedication!

​The Olabode Family

This was give to us by the Drill family in appreciation of all the hard work and dedication that our teachers provided to their family.

Dear Miss Sandy and all of the teachers at American Montessori,​

Our daughter spent a year at your Apple Valley location and a summer at your Burnsville location – she started out at the preschool level and moved on to pre-K. She’s just about finished with her year of Kindergarten at Greenleaf Elementary and she has had an outstanding year! Her last report card was all 4’s and one 3 and she’s reading at a First Grade level! She’s also doing great socially; she gets along wonderfully with her classmates and her teacher, has made a few “best” friends, and is able to handle the full-day schedule like a champ. She’s excited to go to school just about every day and has had a ton of fun this year. I truly believe that her time at American Montessori prepared her for this kind of success. Thank you so much for looking after our daughter and for giving her a great start into the world of school!​


Cynthia C.

Dear Miss Sandy and Montessori Staff,

We feel so blessed to have found such a wonderful Montessori school for our son Dylan to attend.  Dylan started when he was 2 and has continued to grow and learn so much as he makes his way through the Preschool program.  We have been so fortunate to have the compassion of such great staff!  As a parent, it is such a good feeling to know that your child is surrounded by such great role models at school.  He has really enjoyed developing a relationship with all of the staff at American Montessori.  He has had such a great start to his education by attending American Montessori.  Keep up the great work!  You all make such a difference in so many children’s lives.  We can’t thank all of you enough for your dedication to helping our children prepare for their future in learning and growing.  We must cherish these special years!  A special thank you to Miss Angie, Miss Theresa, Miss Jan, Miss Sheri, Miss Kris and Miss Zulekha.  You are all amazing teachers!

Tim and Kari E.

Dear Miss Sandy and Staff,

I wanted to express my appreciation for the years that you and your teachers cared for and educated both my daughters. I found American Montessori to be an exceptional learning facility in which everyone who works with the children really cares about the child’s well being, educationally as well as emotionally. I can honestly say yours and your staff primary focus is truly children. I wish you much continued success and I can never repay you, but if I can be of any assistance in anyway, please do not hesitate to ask. You have all given my daughters such a great start in life, there are many good schools in Minnesota, but I can say without reservation there are none better than American Montessori.

James P.

To all the teachers at American Montessori,

Thank you so much for teaching, training, caring for and loving our children. You were the first line of education for the rest of their lives and they will forever benefit from all that you have done.


Dear Miss Sandy & American Montessori,

We have so appreciated the care and instruction my daughter has received from American Montessori staff, she began attending 3 years ago as a very shy, reserved girl, she has come out of her shell and now displays a level of confidence that will serve her well as she moves into new academic social settings. Of course we have loved watching her excitement for learning as she begun to read and write. She has made good friends and memories along the way. Thanks again for all your work with her.

Jill L.

Dear Miss Sandy,

We sure are grateful for the wonderful education that you have provided our children for the past 6 years.

Sandy M.

Dear Miss Sandy,

We have been very happy and impressed with the care and instruction given to our son Ashwin at the 2.5 years he was at American Montessori. When Ashwin joined American Montessori, he was very shy and hardly spoke to anybody. Now, he is very social, interacts well with children, and has gained a lot of self-confidence. He also  knows his numbers, alphabets, can read beginner books, and knows basic Spanish. There has been a significant positive change in him in all aspects. And we attribute a lot of that to his time at American Montessori. We are sad to see it yet, but we know that Ashwin is now prepared for his next school experience. We highly support the program at American Montessori and recommend it to parents. We can’t say enough good things about the teachers and the overall atmosphere at the school. Heartfelt thank you to everyone – Ms.Sandy, Ms.Jan, Ms.Lindsay, Ms.Melissa, Ms.Zulekha, and Mr.Jim.

Vinay Halepet
Supply Chain Manager
ConAgra Foods Customer Service

Dear Miss Sandy,

​I am writing to you to express my sincere gratitude and admiration for the work American Montessori has accomplished with my son in the nearly two years he’s attended your program. I cannot relay enough how much I think of your staff, their dedication and professionalism.

​Within one week of Bennett beginning American Montessori, he could identify all of the continents and name several countries within them! I am embarrassed to say that was not my doing, but your teachers’. At the age of 4, he could add double digit numbers, write in complete sentences and spell correctly. When we traveled to Mexico for a family vacation this spring, he confidently ordered and spoke in Spanish to all the native speakers he encountered. I was so proud! Not only that, he can read above his age level and think abstractly. I am confident that he is well prepared for kindergarten and beyond!

​Additionally, when my older son attended American Montessori both this summer and last, he was able to learn things he had not previously known in traditional public school. Specifically, he also now has a better appreciation for geography, world cultures, foreign language and the arts. Moreover, because he is older than the other children, he has been able to gain leadership and confidence that he had not had before.

​I would urge all parents considering a Montessori program to register for American Montessori. I cannot say enough about the difference it has made in my children’s lives. Thank you so much!


Leah S.

To Whom It May Concern:

​When moving to the Twin Cities in 2008, my husband and I wanted to try a Montessori for our 16-month old son. We reviewed American Montessori online, interviewed Miss Sandy and visited the school before deciding to send our son there full time.

​Our son is very active with lots of personality and the teachers at American Montessori show extraordinary patience and truly care about what he has to say and how he is developing. I am completely comfortable at work because I know that he is learning and happy at American Montessori.

​He starts kindergarten in 2012 and is completely ready for school, a fact that we fully attribute to Miss Sandy and her staff. Every week we are amazed at the concepts he understands and how he is already writing, solving problems and expressing his emotions. We know what he has learned at American Montessori has set him up for success in Kindergarten and beyond.

​In addition to the great staff and flexibility, we also truly appreciate the diversity of both the staff and children at American Montessori. Minnesota is not particularly diverse, but we love that our son’s best friends are different races and nationalities. It is not a dynamic found in all daycare centers and one we value.

​Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have regarding American Montessori.


Sara D.

Dear Miss Sandy & Staff,

We are writing to express our gratitude and appreciation for the care and education that Anthony has received from American Montessori.

Anthony’s thirst for learning has been remarkable over the past few months. We have also noticed his confidence level has grown. He consistently impresses us with what he has learned from school. He constantly tells us about what he has learned such as planets, continents and so many others. His grandparents are equally impressed by his depth and breadth of knowledge as a three year old.

We are very impressed with your teaching ability, as well as with the amount of care and attention you’ve given our son. Anthony is very lucky to have attended American Montessori. We will miss you all.

Thank you to all the teachers.

Michael, Bunmi and Anthony S.

Dear Caring Mothers & Fathers;

As a mother of my one & only child, I want nothing but the best for her.
As a parent, it can be so stressful to find a place you trust and feel comfortable with to leave your child all day. The worst is when you find a place & not long after, your child begs not to go back. I’ve been there & it broke my heart to see the tears in her little eyes.

When I started looking for a new place, I did my research & I prayed a lot.

I was very impressed with what American Montessori offered at a cost that was reasonable. The visit to the school was so amazing! The school is beautiful, the educational tools are top of the line, the teachers are wonderful and the children are all so well behaved with this eager to learn. When I met the owner, Miss Sandy, & listen to the passion in her voice of providing a place where children (not to mention her own) can grow and learn, I knew this was the place.

Our daughter, Vegas, is in Miss Jan’s Pre-K class. Miss Jan is just the sweetest, kindness lady. I love how she is very patient with the children & how she takes the time to really teach them. The children just adore her. When its time for parent conferences, Miss Jan really put a lot of work & effort into her evaluation of each child. It was nice knowing how Vegas was developing & given great feedback on how to continue working with her at home.

There are many other teachers & assistants there that we know as well. They have all been amazing. Our daughter looks forward to each day & comes home talking about her teachers & friends. She is so happy & I can’t thank this school enough for that.

Vegas will be attending Kindergarten here & we are so excited for her.

This school truly is wonderful stepping stone for every young mind eager to explore the world & every parent wanting nothing but the best for them.

Best wishes,
Mark & Jennifer G.

I would recommend American Montessori to anyone and everyone. My son started in the public school system for preschool. It was heartbreaking to see him struggle with being a young energetic man and no outlet. This got him in a lot of trouble. And nothing we tried worked. I put my son in Montessori school at the advice of a good friend. …It was the best decision we ever made. The teachers and staff at American Montessori took the little boy and helped him find his strengths without punishment or shame. He is far ahead of his coming first grade class and his maturity is amazing. Thank you from the very bottom of my heart. We were turned down the perfect road and were blessed to do so.

With love and sooo much appreciation,
The Krukows

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