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Toddler Program

Our toddler program is designed for children 16 months to 32 months. We work with the children and help them grow and become active explorers. Toddlers learn various little activities during the day.

They start their day out working with Exercises of Practical Life and Sensorial in a group with the teacher and their friends or individually on their own. During this time the Teacher will encourage sharing, taking turns, and show them to put away one Montessori material before working with another. This time also gives them the opportunity to learn social skills and manners by saying please, thank you, etc.. We consider this time their unwinding time as well as their transition time from home to school.

Next the teachers will gather the toddlers into a group and have Montessori lessons and presentations. During this time they are introduced to numbers, sounds, letters, shapes and colors by using the Montessori materials. They also work on special activities such as beginning Exercises of Practical life which include pouring, spooning, matching pictures, threading beads, arranging flowers, etc.. Sign language is introduced to them throughout the day. The advanced level of Exercises of Practical Life and Sensorial is taught in Preschool. Soon after the Montessori lessons, the toddlers are taught introduction to Spanish, where they learn counting, letters, actions and songs.

After Spanish we use the restroom and learn how to sit on the potty, wash hands, etc. Then the toddlers will enjoy snack from home as well as a basic snack from school. Outside they enjoy playing on the playground equipment, which includes the climber, two slides and playhouses. They also play with balls and sand toys, all of these activities are for developing their large muscle groups. The older toddlers will go for a nature walk. They then come inside and have music time, where they listen to music, play with musical instruments, sing and dance. After Music it is time for lunch. Lunch is brought from home.

After lunch is nap time, the teachers lay out and arrange the cots and rub the children’s backs to put them to sleep while listening to soothing music. After nap time, they wake up and have snack again. After snack, the toddlers play with puzzles, manipulative toys or look at picture books, the teachers will also work on art projects such as painting, coloring, pasting, making collages, etc. Later in the day they go outside again and play some more. They then come in and clean up and wait for their parents to pick them up.

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