Pre-Kindergarten Questions

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This page is intended to answer your questions about the Pre-Kindergarten program at American Montessori, feel free to contact us with any additional questions you may have.

  • What are parents saying about American Montessori and its programs? Parents love our programs, because they give their children confidence and help them to succeed at whatever they do. You can see our parent reference section to read some of the letters from parents that we have received.
  • Why should I choose American Montessori Pre-Kindergarten program for my child, compared to public schools or other programs? Exceptional AMI/AMS Montessori teachers. Unique 1 on 1 approach where the child is given individual attention that he or she deserves when they need it, yet let’s them explore and discover their own technique for solving problems. Proven results for the last 20 years. Professional fun loving environment for your child is offered throughout the day. This helps the child understand and gives them a sense of well being, preparing them for kindergarten and beyond.
  • How long has American Montessori programs been established? We are in our 20th year. Our Pre-Kindergarten program is highly recommended by many parents who want to give their child the advantage later on. Our teachers stability and commitment can be seen in the progress of your child, the teachers follow the Montessori curriculum and bring about great results.
  • How will my child adjust coming to American Montessori? Since American Montessori is such a loving and caring environment, your child should transition quite easily as they enter American Montessori’s Kindergarten Program. The teachers will evaluate where they are academically and help ease them into our program and help them to gain confidence to succeed.
  • How will my child adjust to going kindergarten after attending American Montessori? To continue and further your child’s education we recommend that your child attend American Montessori’s proclaimed kindergarten program, your child will have an excellent transition as they enter kindergarten after attending American Montessori with a confidence of knowing that they will succeed at anything they do. With this confidence they are sure to be ahead of most children in their same grade level and will continue to strive to exceed.

  • What type of clothing should my child be wearing? Are there Uniforms? Currently we do not have a uniform policy. Children can wear comfortable simple play clothes. For shoes we ask that the shoes they wear are Velcro type shoes that cover their toes. No open toe sandals or flip flops, please. This protects their feet as well as assists the teachers in preparing the children for playtime, changing, etc.  Giving the teachers more time to spend with the children as a group.

  • How is the school kept clean and disinfected? When parents first walk into American Montessori one of the first things that they notice is how clean the school is. The table tops are cleaned before and after serving meals with a diluted bleach solution (According to state regulations). Shelves and materials are cleaned weekly. Any equipment or materials that have been in a child’s mouth, is disinfected right away. Teachers vacuum consistently throughout the day and the carpet is shampooed 4 times a year. Bathrooms are cleaned constantly throughout the day and then a final cleaning in the evening with diluted bleach solution. We strive to keep our school clean for you and your child.
  • What type of food can I bring for my child’s birthday? ​You can bring a small treat or cake to share with their child’s friends in their class, although this treat CANNOT be a homemade item, it must be store bought. (MN Dept of Health regulation).  You must also provide plates and utensils as well…and NO CANDLES are allowed. Please discuss with Miss Sandy before bringing anything, so we are aware. If you want to bring hats and party favors you may do this as well, but please discuss with the teacher before you do.

Call Us Now at 952-736-1004 or via our Contact Form