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Kindergarten Program

Our Montessori Kindergarten program is designed for children 4 1/2 to 6 years old(s) taught by our AMS Montessori teacher, Miss Z. She has been teaching this class for the last 15 years. We offer the kindergarten program to students who wish to continue the Montessori schooling through kindergarten. Over the last 15 years of American Montessori we have had many students graduate and these children are excelling in Math, Writing, Reading, Spelling Bees and are in Accelerated Programs / Gifted and Talented / STEM programs in public and private schools.

Listed below are examples of the lessons that are taught:

  • Math / Numbers with quantities up to 1000, decimal system, fractions, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division with 1, 2, 3 digits
  • Reading, phonetic reading, building words and sentences
  • Sounds, letters, letterbox, Phonetic words, flash cards, reading books
  • Grammar, punctuation, sentence structure
  • Story building and creative writing
  • Writing upper and lower case letters of the alphabet and numbers 1 – 1000
  • Spelling, word lists, word building
  • Spanish – alphabet, colors, numbers, shapes, animals, conversational Spanish
  • Science – human body, animal and plant classifications, etc.
  • Geography – countries, land formations, continents, oceans, states, flags
  • People around the world, habitats and holiday celebrations
  • Reading time and counting money
  • Art – painting, collage, drawing, printing, molding, etc.
  • Sign Language – basic signing, alphabet, numbers and songs
  • Large Muscle Activities / Music and Dance
  • Computers / Field Trips – Monthly Indoor and Outdoor Field Trips​​

Class Schedule Kindergarten

Kindergarten FAQ’s



Call Us Now at 952-736-1004 or via our Contact Form